• About ME

    Do you just want to build a large audience for your channel? Or do you want to leverage YouTube for lead generation and customer acquisition? I can help!

    I specialize in assisting people who want to use a YouTube channel to grow their business.


    I founded the Power Up TV multi-channel network which I single-handedly grew to tens of millions of video views per month, recruited thousands of channel partners and generated ridiculous amounts of money. I then sold the network to Thunder Studios in January 2015. As part of the acquisition I served as a Vice President at the studio. In this role I spearheaded the transformation of Thunder Studios (a very traditional film studio focused on stage rentals) into Thunder Digital Media (a new media company focused on producing video entertainment for Millennial audiences).


    As the architect for the conversion of Thunder Studios into Thunder Digital Media, I took the high level desires of the company and broke them down into lists of actionable items, which included the development of new software products; the formation of new service divisions; the hiring of new employees and training in operational procedures; and supervised the creation of new legal contracts for forming strategic partnerships and recruiting new talent. I directly negotiated strategic alliances and built a YouTube multi-channel network from scratch.


    Now my skills can serve your needs.


    I am also the author of several popular books related to growing a business around YouTube channels. Click here for a list of my published works.


    Want a sample of my knowledge and expertise? Read these articles.

  • Areas of EXPERTISE

    Growth Hacking

    Business Analysis

    Audience Development

    Lead Generation

    Customer Acquisition

    Newsletter Management

    YouTube Channel Management

    Revenue Optimization

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    I am YouTube Certified and have consistently passed the annual renewal exam for the past three years.

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    I'm one of the most well connected individuals on LinkedIn in the Film and TV industry.


    I rank in the Top 1% for the Industry.


    I have extensive contacts at multiple media companies, including YouTube.

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    Why Hire Me?

    Many of the people who attempt to create YouTube channels to promote their businesses find they cannot properly leverage the platform. They just can't grow their viewership and get subscribers, or they can't get the right folks to watch their sales videos and convert into customers.


    Worse, those inexperienced with YouTube sometimes focus on the wrong things. They focus on cool buzzword metrics like "total number of views" or "subscribers", and all too often look at these metrics at the expense of realizing the only metric that truly matters is "revenue".


    They then give up on YouTube, thinking the platform can't work for their business. And they are so wrong. YouTube can work for any business if you know how to use it.


    So, don't hire a marketing company who just wants to get you "views" and "subscribers", and isn't focused on growing your revenue.


    Hire me to get you real customers!


    I'll make sure all of your marketing dollars go toward acquiring the eyeballs of people that fit within your narrowly defined customer profile and ensure your channel is setup to lead them to your point of sale.


    I can solve all your problems because I have over a decade of experience managing YouTube channels, guiding small business owners in how best to acquire customers from the 2nd most popular search engine in the world: YouTube.


    I've literally written the book on how to apply lean startup principles to YouTube channel development. Now you can hire me to use my skills for your business and get you the greasy lightning speed of growth you've been wanting.

  • Consultation packages

    Want to hire me? I have several options to fit any need and price range. A plan can be custom tailored for you based on your needs.


    I require a retainer for all services.

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    Channel Management Package

    When you still need to build a YouTube channel.

    Do you want to rapidly grow your YouTube channel within your niche? Do you want to generate REAL customers for your business? This is it. You buy this package and your business will start making money from YouTube traffic.


    Working with my team of growth hackers I can develop a marketing plan that will help build your channel into a sustainable business. My services can fit any marketing budget level. I can utilize both paid advertising and organic channels to grow your audience.




    • YouTube Channel Development

      • Familiarization with the goals of the client for the channel.

      • Development of a branding & marketing plan designed to achieve those goals.

      • Development of branding materials necessary for positioning the channel, including development of thumbnail templates, logos, banners, and other kinds of graphical assets necessary for setup of YouTube channel.

      • Guidance on how to produce video content and optimize it for generating customers for the client's business.

    • Video SEO

      The following will be applied to all new uploaded content
      • YouTube keyword research

      • Closed Caption script generation

      • Link Wheel creation

      • Social signal generation (Facebook, Twitter, G+, reddit, etc)

      • Priority for weakest performing videos

    • Audience Development + Social Engagement Strategy

      • Perform analysis on existing channels in the same niche as the client to assess the competition and suggest adoption of similar branding and content development.

      • Conduct necessary SEO research on topics the client should make videos for in order to efficiently build an audience for their channel to maximize channel discoverability.

      • Develop a plan for outreach to blogs, conventions, YouTube creator personalities who have audiences of interest to client, in order to generate audience awareness of the client’s channel.

      • Develop a plan for cross-platform social sharing of client’s videos to communities on Facebook, Twitter, reddit, tumblr, etc.

      • Management of the client’s social media accounts for populating the profiles with content. At least one post made daily on all client’s social media profiles.

    • Mailing List Generation

      • Ensure all videos on client’s channel are correctly annotated and linked to the client’s email signup form on client’s website.

      • Ensure personal website of client is optimized to capture email leads.

      • Manage the email list newsletters for the client, sending one newsletter per week for the client. Includes writing all textual copy for the client.

    • Paid Advertising Campaign Management

      • Design and conduct all paid advertising campaigns for the client on Facebook designed to grow the Facebook audience based on narrowly designed audience list and thereby generate new audiences for the client’s YouTube channel.

      • Design and conduct all paid advertising campaigns for the client on AdWords for Video.

    • Strategy Consulting

      • Client will be provided a list of currently trending video topics related to the client’s channel niche including the necessary keywords for inclusion into the video transcript to help optimize the video for search engine discoverability.

      • Carey is available to the client for answering questions related to branding strategy, video production, marketing, channel monetization and so on.


    Price: Hourly Rate: $65/h @ 100-130 hours per month. One to three month contract term depending on your goals.


    (Can't afford to hire me? Here's a free guide on how to do it yourself. )


    Svetlana Quindt

    "Thanks Carey for helping us solve our YouTube channel problem so quickly and effortlessly! You were a great help and we appreciate it very much!"

    Eric Perez

    Channel Manager, Screenwave Media

    "Carey is knowledgeable and his credentials are legit. His books are excellent sources on how this business works."

    Steven Woloszyk

    Sr. Mortgage Loan Originator, Prime Lending

    "I hired Carey Martell through Upwork.com in March of 2017 to assist with getting about 60 YouTube videos labeled, geo-tagged and SEO optimized to help provide value to those seeking advice on credit and mortgages. Carey was fantastic with communication throughout the process and went above and beyond when it was learned in the middle of the process that I had some compliance issues to remedy with my company.


    Carey was creative in coming up with a solution “on-the-fly” that wound up passing compliance with flying colors. The videos have been getting great exposure that included a random call into my office today from a lady located in Memphis, Tennessee that found my YouTube channel on a Google search for credit and mortgage tips. I highly recommend Carey and I’m certain that I will be hiring him again to help me update the newly added videos. Thank you Carey."


    I'm available to help you achieve your needs!

    Serious inquiries only.

    Note: I do not work for revenue splits on future earnings.

    I require a retainer for all services.

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    The Lean Channel: YouTube for ENTREPRENEURS

    Have you ever wanted to start a business centered around producing YouTube videos? Having trouble convincing viewers to become subscribers? This book serves as a guide for the complete novice instructing in how to get started on your path to becoming a new media sensation and make money. Learn everything from how to setup your channel to how to brand your show. There is even advice on how to grow a community of passionate subscribers.

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    YouTube sponsorships: How creators like you can fund your channel

    Are you having trouble generating money from your YouTube channel? Want to score some free product for a video review or giveaway contest? Well, you are in luck! Each year companies spend $17 Billion on sponsorships. This is an ideal source of funding to tap into for any YouTube creators. However, many video bloggers simply have no idea what a good sponsorship deal is. They do videos for either low or no money that, if they were more knowledgeable, would have earned them six figure deals.

    Sport athletes and film actors don’t do endorsements for free. Why should you?